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We Got the Perks.

Serve your community
Gain a sense of pride
Wear the uniform
Build Friendships
Education Aid
Community Respect

More With Monrovia.

Your time is valuable. Being a volunteer doesn’t mean “free”. While our volunteer department doesn’t compensate its members monetarily, there are still a lot of perks and benefits that come from being a member.

Build Your Resume

The wide range of capabilities a firefighter must have and is trained for, provides the perfect opportunity to build your resume at any stage in life.

Fuel Your Education

MVFR provides department-sponsored education like EMT School (NREMT), fire academies, Proboard & IFASC accredited courses.

Financial Incentives

From tax credits to qualifying education reimbursement, volunteering at Monrovia can help compensate your time in impactful ways.

Save Some Gas

We provide support to large area. Monrovia provides the option to take an emergency SUV home, which can be an exciting way to respond to calls.

Develop and Grow

Take your service to the next level by progressing through the ranks and experiencing the call to leadership.

Become An Expert

Learn to use the latest technology, operate advanced tools and experience proven tactics during emergency operations.

Think You Have What It Takes?

Whether it be for a challenge, service or commitment. There is a place here for you.

Get Started Now