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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

MVFR prides itself in offering high-quality medical services to the community through specially trained EMS personnel, in-house education programs, and strategically designed, rapid response medic vehicles.

We strive to provide the highest quality pre-hospital care to the citizens and visitors of the Monrovia area. This is accomplished by maintaining a high degree of competence, adhering to the principles and practices of patient safety, and displaying a professional demeanor at all times. As medical practitioners, we recognize that our care includes members of the patient’s family, friends, and loved ones. We also cooperate with the medical community and other agencies such as HEMSI and Madison County Sheriffs Office. As a result, the principles of customer service and professionalism guide the emergency medical service of our Fire Department.

All EMS personnel are nationally certified at various levels through NREMT, hold Alabama state license/certifications and require regular training overseen by our EMS Officers and Instructors. All personnel adheres to protocols and policies set forth by the Alabama Department of Health (ADPH).

EMS Related Calls

More than 2/3 of all 911 calls require an EMS
response with 72% of them being medical-related.

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