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We Accept Donations

We have received many generous donations over the years, including vehicles for trainings, houses to burn, turnout gear, hoses, furniture for burning, technology, construction supplies, tools, and equipment. Several companies have also donated towards advertising, event management services, food services, and many other services as a donation.

If you feel you have items which the fire department could utilize we would love to discuss it further! Contact [email protected] to start your donation in-kind.

bbq with the team
Experience through Training

Vehicles & Homes

Donating your old vehicles (running or not) or allowing us to burn your home (instead of demolishing it, provides us with great training opportunities for our firefighters. These donations in kind really go a long way to ensuring the quality of experience our new firefighters receive.

Donating Your Time

Services & Goods

Many local businesses choose to donate their services to us as a way to help compensate for expenses. Services like installing new doors, landscaping, vehicle repairs, technology upgrades, and more all come together to help our department and volunteers succeed in protecting our community.

Fuel for the workers

Food & Water

Whether from training, fighting fires for hours or back to back medical calls, its not rare for our volunteers to go hours without a meal. Business's and local clubs often donation water and food to show their appreciation and it goes a long way to helping ensure we are ready for the next call that comes our ways.

Have a Donation In Kind?

Let's Talk!